Before we offer any products to our customers; our application engineers analyze them for
reliability, ease of use, technological status and, most importantly, value.  We decided upon
Future Design Controls line of controllers and recorders because they represent the most
value we have ever seen in controllers and recorders.  Their controllers and recorders have
standard features which can only be found in controllers and recorders that cost three times as
much.  Additionally, they offer Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA) software for
FREE.    Our customers, who have used this software, compare it to similar programs costing
thousands of dollars for just basic software that still must be programmed.  Most importantly, it
is 21 CFR compliant for Pharmaceutical applications.  It is available for download on this site,
and customers can sign up for notification of program updates.

Another example of our product regimen is Pyromation.  Pyromation temperature and level
sensors, probes and switches are the most rugged and reliable, we have ever offered to our
customers.  Additionally, the expertise of the engineering staff has enabled them to make their
products perform to standards and conditions other temperature  and level manufacturers do
not want to contemplate for even their most robust sensors, probes and switches.  Pyromation
sets the standard in the temperatureand level industry for innovation, reliability and value.  As
one of our customers proclaims, "Not everyone can make a temperature sensor.  Pyromation is
by far the best at what they do."

There are many devices on the market today that are used for calibration of all aspects of
control technology.  Presys Instruments offers the most complete package, at the lowest cost
for accuracy, available today.  Loop calibrations, sensor calibrations, are fast and simple.  Plus
all of their calibration devices can be linked to software for validation and record keeping
purposes for industries where that demand is tantamount to their existence.

The datalogger equipment we offer covers the gamut of applications where record keeping and
data analysis is necessary.  ACR dataloggers are the most rugged, most accurate, most
versatile we have ever tested.  Their analytical and real-time software packages are designed
for ease of use for the most inexperienced of users.  Plus their importation of datalogged
information to other spreadsheet programs is a breeze for even the datalogging novice.

Control Systems Engineering, Inc. also offers the most dependable device for license-free
radio transmission of information and control signals.  No longer are industries constrained to
long, expensive conduit runs for data and control signal transmission.  Industries that require
interference-free, transmission of data and control signals no longer have to depend on
expensive equipment that requires a radio license or even more expensive land-lines for their
data and control.  OMNEX Control Systems has developed the industry’s most reliable device
for data and control transmission for distances up to twenty plus miles.  OMNEX Control
Systems Hop-Link devices operate interference-free with both analog and digital signals.  Their
reputation for mission critical radio equipment is unparalleled in the industry.  Their guarantee
of performance makes their equipment the most desired in water and wastewater applications,
tank farms, oil fields, and any other places where signal transmission through wires or
licensed radios is cost prohibitive.

Control Systems Engineering, Inc. has over 50 years of control and recorder industry
experience.  Founded in 1986, we have been offering our products and services to many
customers in diverse industries.  Lumber kilns, ovens, furnaces, food and dairy,
pharmaceuticals, aircraft, biotech, automotive, shipping, water and wastewater, oil and
petroleum, plastics, rail, are but some of the applications where we have served our
customers.  Most importantly, our customers know us for the integrity of our products and
celebrate our business relationships.  We welcome you to our site and we look forward to
serving you.       
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